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Pepsi Azuki

October 30, 2009 12 comments

Pepsi Azuki

Pepsi of Japan is trying to make us all sick to our stomachs. The newest tool for accomplishing that task is Pepsi Azuki. Yes, azuki.

Sure, Coke has come up with some oddballs, but nothing compared to this. For example, the new Coca-Cola no calorie plus fiber. Not too appetizing. However, Pepsi’s new azuki­-flavored monstrosity is more of a shock. For those fortunate enough not to know, azuki is a type of red bean typically served as a paste inside rice balls and other snacks in Japan, and while there is probably not one Japanese person in existence who doesn’t love it, I cannot stand the stuff. Imagine the taste of somebody barfing directly into your mouth, and you are imagining the taste of azuki. Now, even if you do like azuki, which many people do, you have to admit that the thought of mixing it with Pepsi is just repulsive.


Pepsi Ice Cucumber

But this may not be the worst idea Pepsi has had. What about their bright-green Pepsi Shiso, featuring the combination of Pepsi and the shiso beefsteak plant leaf? Or possibly worst of all, the bright-blue summer special of 2008, Pepsi Ice Cucumber. Mmmmmmm. Cold cucumber and sugary soda in a plastic bottle.

I really hope they don’t push it further and try Pepsi Natto.